Free online PSD to HTML/CSS converter

Ultimate tool in Web developing! All you need to do is upload the template as a PSD file and within seconds you will have a webpage in HTML/CSS.

  • Ideal for home users!

    Convert your PSD template with no effort. Create websites, presentations, celebration cards, etc. No need to know HTML and CSS. No need to pay for professional services. Find a PSD template, modify as you like and convert it for free!

  • Useful for professionals!

    Create a mockup of a website/webpage from PSD in a matter of seconds! Your client doesn't have to wait! No need for hand coding! Clean, structured HTML and CSS for easy modification and addition.

  • Fully W3C XHTML1.0 and CSS level 3 valid code!

    All converted PSD files successfuly pass the W3C XHTML and CSS validation check.

What is freePSD2WEB?

It's all in the name - freePSD2WEB converts all of your PSD layers directly to HTML layers while images are optimised and positioned in the right location. Just upload the template as a PSD file created in Adobe Photoshop or Gimp and within seconds you will have a webpage generated in strict HTML/CSS. Text layers are converted to PNG images. All of this is FOR FREE!


Because of it's automated nature freePSD2WEB has some limitations. To get the best results, please follow the guidance as per below:

  • Use only 8 bit RGB images.
  • All graphic and text layers are converted to images.
  • Ensure all unnecessary layers have been deleted.
  • Blending Mode options (Shadow, Glow, Bevel, etc.) are not supported and should be set to Normal Mode.
  • Maximum size of the uploaded file should not exceed 20Mb (20480 kb).